Here at Victory we understand that one of the best ways for a parent to be able to focus on the Lord Our God is to feel confident that children are safe and well cared for. This is a top priority for us - not only for the parent's sakes, but also for the children's sakes!

 If you have nursery-aged little ones, rest assured that they will be in good hands while you partake in the service.

GRADES 2 - 6

Here at Victory Kids our goal is to give children the opportunity to build a firm foundation in Christ. We want to see our children raised up knowing that they are valued by God and that they can do absolutely anything through Christ! We never, ever underestimate the power inside of a child. We are dedicated to the destinies of each and every child that we have the pleasure of  meeting.

 With high-energy music, games, lessons, and the opportunity to learn tons of bible verses, we create an environment in which our kids have fun building a relationship with Jesus.  Our ultimate goal is to see kids love God completely, love people unconditionally, and love life enthusiastically. 

GRADES 7 - 12

Our goal is to see Heaven come to Earth. We believe that this will happen when we get a deep revelation of who God is and who we are to Him. We believe that once we understand that we will fulfill the commandments to love God completely (Mark 12:30), love people unconditionally (Mark 12:31), and love life enthusiastically (John 10:10). We are committed to seeing you know the fullness of Christ and all of His glory. We want to grow together, not just socially, but spiritually. We recognize that since Christ died for us, we no longer have to live according to the standard of this world. We are new creations designed to constantly be growing closer to the Father’s heart. Our heart’s desire is to see a generation that is saved, set free, and delivered, and to create an atmosphere in which they are safe to grow, not safe from a risky life but safe build a relationship with the Lord and with others.